Diligent. Resourceful. Efficient.

Our Acquisitions Division is directly responsible for securing oil and gas leases, negotiating well-site damages, and obtaining seismic and right-of-way permits, along with other facets of field landwork.

We believe we are delegates of our client; we are the first contact a landowner, and often a community, will have with our client.  As their representative, we pride ourselves in building long-term relationships with landowners, while securing a desired leasehold position within the client’s perspective area.

Having acquired several million acres for our clients over the last forty-two years, Vernon L. Smith and Associates, Inc. has developed the perfect balance between maintaining a highly competitive pace while holding steadfast to our ethical promises of honesty and fair dealing.  We pride ourselves on the accuracy of our work, obtaining the necessary curative to keep the leases we acquire clear of title defects, helping our clients keep their costs low.